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Worship is a foundational component in most youth ministries. But what if you could challenge teenagers to think differently and more deeply about worship? What if you could push the boundaries of their understanding and their definition of what it means to worship God?

The Jordan Howerton Band is passionate about worshipping God—and about helping young people realize that being a true worshipper means living a life devoted to Jesus.

This video-based, conversation-driven series will help teenagers discover how true worship is about loving God and loving others. It’s about trusting God in the middle of tough circumstances. It’s about following God daily, faithfully, passionately.

In addition to the 4 weeks of video teachings, Connect also includes discussion guides, promotional materials, and other helpful materials. And all of the resources are editable and reproducible.

God is waiting for our worship—in the moments we expect to see and feel him, and in the moments we least expect him. God is calling us to himself, calling us to love him and love others, and calling us to connect with him. Help teenagers answer that call.